Sunday, 14 September 2008


This last weekend I went to go and see an apartment in Dubai Marina. The apartment block has fantastic finishes and great facilities. It seemed too good to be true... it was. This is the Marina View from the balcony.

It looks great until you notice the tower crane about to start building the next tower, slap between my potential view and the Marina. So it was a no. I've decided that the Marina is still too much of a building site and isn't quite ready for me yet. It's also about 70km from my office. It's a shame, the view fom the other side is fantastic, but unfortunately well outside my budget.

I'll end up paying about double the rental for a one bedroomed unfurnished apartment in Dubai as I'll get for renting out my three bedroomed detatched and fully furnished house outside Edinburgh. I just can't understand what's driving this property market. Rentals here are generally required to be paid a year or six months in advance as well. It's madness.

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